July 13, 2013

Pro Series: Vintage Keyboards

     Vintage Keyboards is an attempt to accurately model some of the most popular and beloved electromechanical keyboards resulting in a clean and responsive blend, capturing more or less the good and "bad" magical essences that made the original models so famous.

Clip1 soon
Clip2 soon
Clip3 soon to update

     The clean, unaltered direct signal was sought after as the main reference in creating these instruments giving you the capability to easily alter them with DSP however you like.

     Each instrument can be tweaked via the XY Performance controls, basically giving you physical modeling access including but not limited to symmetry offset, mechanical noise shaping and key bounce.
    Also, the modulation wheel (MW) is assigned to add modulation amount which is implemented in a characteristic way to each instrument.

     Physical modelling is hard and time consuming work but despite that, the collection is offered for free, donations are welcomed but not mandatory.

     Download the collection from here.
     You'll need Zebra 2.5+, CPU saving tips are found within the patch info.

     Clavinet inspired instrument planned and will be included as soon as it's done.


  1. More feedback here:

  2. Too bad you decided to go "commercial only"! :(
    Sites with tips + tricks are rather rare nowadays…
    Also i would suggest you to change design of your site, make it more PRO!
    Good luck
    A member @ KVR

    1. Commercial only? ..not really, for example this vintage keyboard collection is offered for free and there are more in the works like this. Plus, generous amount of free patches with every release, releases are reasonably priced too.

      Also, released some free stuff that aren't posted on this blog, for example:

      Tips and tricks: don't really have time for them and don't really know how to start and organize atm. Pondered about making some video tutorials for a while but don't really have time atm.

      Site design, there's a room for improvement, I agree.